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You got reallly attractive. Single :)?


who is this? I really wanna know ha!

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I hope you value me as much as I value you. So much of the time it feels as though you do not value my friendship or me, and I would like to know if I should keep trying to be your friend and if you will suddenly come around and want to be my friend, instead of me trying to be your friend.

Oh no! Who is this? Please do not think that I don’t value you, I’m not too good at the whole friendshipping thing honestly, but there’s no way I don’t value our friendship. Tell me who you are so I can change the way you fell about us, I’m sure I don’t want to lose you D:

Keep trying to talk to me, I don’t want to lose you either!

hi zeemz


(by Nathan Wirth)


What is the reason to follow the calendar? Don`t mind what day it is today … just live

Really beautiful,  view them all here

Aperture Science - Colors


# don’t get me wrong kirk’s body language is hilarious and great in this scene  # but every time i see it i have a greater appreciation for the fact# that spock just keeps moving like a fucking truck# kirk is hopping around and getting in the way and smacking him # and spock never varies his pace at all# kirk is like a gnat (spatscolombo)

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